How do you get advice about which product to buy and which professional or service company to hire?

There used to be a time, before almost everyone was using the internet and their smart phones, you could call a relative, friend  or neighbor to get advice. These days there are so many options to choose from, who really knows enough to give good advice.

These days, when you are looking to buy a product or use a service, and you want more information before making your decision, the primary alternative to getting advice from people you know is to find reviews written by people you probably don’t know at all, who bought the product or used the service you want.  Surveys have shown that over 90% of those surveyed trust recommendations from people they know and over 70% trust consumer opinions/reviews posted online by strangers. We all hope that we can rely on the opinions of those strangers.

Expert  Advice TV takes that process a step further. Our goal is to help you make an informed choice by clarifying your available options. We will introduce you to experts in your own community willing to give you advice about their own field of expertise – for free – no strings attached.

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